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Browsix brings simplified file sharing from your Android phone to your computer [App Reviews]

July 12, 2011 | by Charles West



Nothing is better than a productive app to match the everyday rigors of a fast paced lifestyle. When it comes to file sharing, most of us like things done the simple way — and having the usual barriers (like registration, fees, and cables) complicates things. With Browsix, there isn’t any complications — all you have to do is grab the app from the Android Market – point your browser to and your browser will be automatically redirected to your phone.

This is probably the simplest file sharing app I’ve used on my Android phone to date. The fact that you don’t need USB cables or a Bluetooth configuration to operate its features, albeit, not earth shattering innovation — it’s still pretty impressive.

The premise of this app is simple: Synchronize files with your computer, listen to your music, show your cool pictures and videos to your friends and send and receive SMS text messages all through the company’s site. I went through each of these features with a fine-toothed comb and found myself operating with most of the core functionality of my phone without actually using my phone.

I was a little disappointed that for some reason my pictures were having a hard time appearing when I attempted to use the slideshow. But other than the hiccup I encountered with the photos feature, everything else seemed to work pretty well. When I hit the music tab all my music showed up. I was also able to play through a few tracks without any stutters, but I was disappointed that my album artwork didn’t show — hopefully this can be addressed in a future update.

Everything else performs pretty much the same way within the browser. But the feature that is the most intriguing has to be the ability to send and receive text messages from your PC. Just think about it, if you work in an office where your phone is prohibited you still can stealthily send and receive your text messages — how cool is that? I sure wish I would have known about this app months ago when I was sharing a cubicle at the content farm I once wrote for.

All in all, you’ll find a synchronization app that delivers pretty stable file sharing from your Android phone to your computer — an app that is perfect for those working in a corporate setting — sneaking behind the bosses back.

You can pickup Browsix for free in the Android Market. For those of you who like to support the dev, you can also pay for it at $2.86.

App Name: Browsix

Price: Free (support dev version for $2.86)

Developer: Browsix Developer

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