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Motorola posts Gingerbread update for Atrix 4G

July 22, 2011 | by Tony Price

Firmware updates, Motorola

Android 2.3 Gingerbread

As promised, Motorola has released the official Gingerbread update for the Atrix 4G. This update is aimed at the phones running on the AT&T network. It is pushing over-the-air to users running stock builds, and available as a manual update to others. Based on the release notes, however, you shouldn’t shy so quickly.

On top of updating the “super phone” to the latest version of Android, the update packs some nice upgrades. Included are enhancements to the Gallery and Music apps, an updated version of MotoBlur which comes with a dock and organized app tray, faster Webtop browsing, full 1080p video playback, and the ability to dismiss one notification at a time.

The last change is a big one. With this update to 2.3.4, you can sideload apps on stock builds. That means that  Atrix users no longer have to root their devices to use the Amazon App Store, or other alternative app sources. This is great news for all AT&T customers, as it marks the beginning of our freedom as far as app source choices go.

In order to do the manual update, you will either need a Windows PC, the ability to load it onto a SD card, or access to a WiFi connection on your phone. The instructions are available on the official support page for the Atrix.

Currently there is no word on the bootloader status, but I would anticipate it is unlocked. Motorola has said before that they would be unlocking it with Gingerbread, and I doubt they would change thier minds now. Be warned that I make no guarantees, however.