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Gun Bros finally adds BrotherHood and Bro-Op multiplayer mode

July 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gun Bros players can finally stop giving the popular Android game 1-star ratings for lacking the most in-demand feature since last year’s launch. Gun Bros now supports Brotherhood, allowing for a “bro-op” multiplayer challenge.

Bro-Op mode has been available on iOS for a few weeks, and now Android users can also link Gun Bros with their Facebook account in order to take on challenges with another person. In two-man missions, you’ll have real-time communication with another player who can help take down enemies better than you ever did in computer-assisted games. And my recruiting more players into your Brotherhood, you’ll earn better rewards.

Playing bro-op offers bonus points and work with friends in real-time gameplay. There’s no word yet if this mode is supported for cross-platform Android and iOS gaming, but at least it’s there. A rash of angry commenter in the Android Market have been giving the app 1-star since iOS got multiplayer support in June. Glu Mobile said that Brotherhood mode, along with in-app purchases and device syncing, would arrive soon back in February. However, things have been slow as we didn’t get in-app purchases until late March, and Brotherhood until today.

Use some of that pent-up frustration to shoot-down the FRAGGED enemies. Also new in the latest version of Gun Bros to help unleash that rage are 2 new weapons, 3 armor upgrades, and a new auto aim system. Download the game from the Android Market.

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