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Google’s Pool Party isn’t much of a party yet [App Preview]

July 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



UPDATE: Google has discontinued Pool Party. So much for that.

Have you received your invitation to Pool Party, the photo-sharing app made by Google-acquired Slide Party, yet? No? Well, don’t feel too bad because you aren’t missing much.

Pool Party is an app that creates photo pools of images taken by a group of people. So when you take that next road trip to Vegas, all attendees can take pictures with their Android phones and have all of the images shared between the group in a pool. Friends in the pool can then comment on pictures, get notifications when new photos are uploaded, and an activity stream monitors it all. Sounds awfully familiar to Cooliris Liveshare, no?

At the moment, Pool Party is just another photo-sharing app that may be enjoyable in the summer time. It’s useful for people who want to take and share pictures that’s just a bit of a break from the norm; just a little something to break the monotony of manually sharing photos to Facebook or Twitter. However, there is an option to upload photos to other services through the Android share function.

The Pool Party app has a similar design to the Google+ app. So if Slide is making a photo sharing app that clearly has similar DNA to Google Plus, why doesn’t Google just integrate the two? I’m not sure, but it looks as if Slide will be allowed to operate as its own app. I’d be more interested in this becoming a + feature because it would be cool to have all of my photos in one place and be able to pool images from events I attend with other friends.

Either way, there’s nothing amazing about Pool Party, but it wisely doesn’t over-complicate things. The app is invite-only for the time being, so don’t worry if you’re not at the party yet. It will be a good app to use once registration is open. Thanks for the invite, Stephen!

P.S. I have one invite left to share. I’ll give it to a random reader who leaves a comment below from an account that can be reached: Facebook, Twitter, or tied to a valid email address (do not post the address in your message. I can see it from the admin panel).