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Google+ is off to a much stronger start than Wave and Buzz [Data]

July 17, 2011 | by Charles West

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Google+ has been grabbing almost all the headlines since its launch three weeks ago, with most of it coming from lots of positive press. But believe it or not, there are still those who want to remain pessimistic because of Google’s failed ventures of the past (Google Buzz and Google Wave).

Well, I’m hear to tell you that the Buzz and Wave comparison should officially become moot. G+ is off to a much stronger start than Google Buzz and Wave, according to a Google Trend comparison of the services built from an analysis of search trends.

Discussing Plus’s growth, the man who first reported on this data, Razib Khan, wrote “It’s early yet, so I don’t think that Google+ has ‘peaked’ in terms of news or search by any means (if it’s successful).” He also added, “But it’s already surpassed [Google's earlier] two offerings.”

If you’ve actually had the chance to use Google’s new social networking service, this news shouldn’t be at all surprising. When it comes to the success Goog’s new project has garnered (recently announcing 10 million users), it’s pretty cool to actually see the data backing up what most Googlers assumed from the beginning.

As a consumer of Google products, I must say this is pretty impressive as to what the search giant has been able to achieve — considering the privacy disaster that was Buzz and the canceling of Wave. Thanks to the data, it should be crystal clear that Google has learned from its pass failures. Google Plus’s opt-in service is an easy and enjoyable process activating and adding friends to your circles.

What do you guys think about this latest trend data? Is this a trend that will continue to boom or is it still too early to determine? As always, leave your opinions in our comment section below.

Source: Venturebeat