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Google buys over a thousand patents from IBM, some mobile related

July 29, 2011 | by Charles West

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In today’s never ending battle of who sues who for patent infringement, Google has bought over a thousand patents from IBM, with some being mobile related. The purchase is seen as a move to protect Google, and to an extend Android device makers, patent infringement cases from the like of Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft.

First reported by SEO by the Sea and picked up by The Wall Street Journal, Google purchased 1,030 granted patents from IBM for an undisclosed fee. The patents cover various technologies, including: the fabrication and architecture of memory and microprocessing chips” plus other areas of computer architecture which “include servers and routers”, in addition to “relational databases, object oriented programming, and a wide array of business processes.”

Patent infringement cases have become an annoyance to Google and its partners. Last week, we reported Google’s interest in a acquiring Interdigital to help fight off allegations, and HTC is wrapped-up in a battle with Apple.  Ever since losing a bid for Nortel Network’s patent portfolio in a bankruptcy auction to a gang of six, which included: Apple, Ericsson, Microsoft and Research In Motion, rumored attempts by Google to acquire patents have increased.

So what do you guys think? Do you like Google’s newly found aggression when it comes to picking up patents in defending itself against future litigation? As always, leave your comments in our trusty section below.

Source: 9to5Google