BuyWithMe brings another social buying experience to Android

July 27, 2011 | by Charles West

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BuyWithMe, a mobile start-up that offers users location-based coupons and deals, has just introduced its new Android application. The new social-buying app allows Android users to connect with local stores and restaurants, and lets them redeem special offers with any merchant of their choice.

“So it’s basically Groupon or LivingSocial,” you might think. Yes, the group-buying and deals services are similar. But execution is what matters, and BuyWithMe is well-executed.  With Simple Purchasing and Redeeming Options., the app provides an easy, one-click purchasing option with stored credit card information. Customers can also redeem their voucher with one tap, which greatly simplifies the process for merchants and customers alike. Imagine how better Google Places would have been if the search giant incorporated such a feature? (Google Wallet will.)

I’ve been playing around with BuyWithMe for a short amount of time, but so far I like what I see. We all know with the emergence of NFC, this location-based purchases and social sharing will be the future of mobile. This of course, is great news for merchants because it will give them the ability to capitalize on emerging mobile commerce trends. The simplicity of the app makes BuyWithMe a great way to find nearby deals, especially with Foursquare integration to be a rocking app.

Discussing its new offering of mobile tools Jim Crowley, CEO of BuyWithMe said,

“The future of our industry is increasingly a mobile one. In our ongoing effort to allow merchants and consumers to better discover, interact and transact with each other, we need to be where they are – and that means mobile.” He added, “Our suite of mobile tools makes the purchasing and redeeming process seamless and provides merchants the opportunity to boost their mobile presence and tap into the growing mobile commerce market.”

If you want to give this app a try click here , but make sure you report back with your feedback.

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