The Best Android Camera apps to help you forget about Instagram [Droid vs. Droid]

July 25, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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You disappoint me, Instagram. You promised that you’d deliver an Instagram Android months ago, and since then, there hasn’t been so much as a peep. More than six months have passed and not a single gram has been shared from the little green robot. Despite the number of Android users out there, you don’t seem to care that we want to get in on the photo-sharing and editing fun.

Thankfully, several Android camera apps offer similar effects and filters that have made Instagram such a desirable app. It’s impossible to say which is the best because different strokes float different boats, but we have descriptions and a few samples of each. Browse below to figure out which app helps you forget about the long wait for Instagram.

Little Photo :: The Value Pick (Free Lite, $0.99 Pro)

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Little Photo is the late 2nd-round pick that goes on to become an all-star. Not only is the app free, but it also keeps pace with some of the top options out there. Little Photo Auto saves the original photo, captures images up to 800px when used within the app, has a 3-second timer, and includes a long list of features. Only a small number of filters can be tuned, but users can add text, frames, and a plethora of effects. Little Photo can take a photo or import from the gallery and provide some great effects for anyone who wants to play with it. And if you require further controls, purchase the 99-cent plug-in that adds the ability to change brightness, contrast, merge photos, and more. [Read Review]

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Snaptastic :: Pretty & Easy (Free Lite, €2.95 paid)

You know the old adage about imitation and flattery? Snaptastic produces images that flatter Instagram well. Many of the great effects from Instagram are replicable through this app, and they are done with ease. Snaptastic uses images from the camera or gallery and then provides presets for classic effects like 70′s, 80′s, Toy Cam, Contrast, Vignettes, and more. Users can also edit Brightness, Contrast, Light, Tint, and Saturation to get just the right effect. Once you’ve got everything down pat with the easy to understand editor, save that set-up for future use. You can also Save the image and share it into your social networking app of choice. Snaptastic is the first app I recommend trying because it’s powerful and likely to meet your needs. The free version has a watermark on your images, so purchase the paid version to remove it.

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