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Almost 40% of U.S. smartphone market belongs to Android according to Nielsen

July 28, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



In what can only be described as the least shocking news of the day, Android is the leading smartphone operating system in the U.S. market according to Nielsen. Of course, that’s not shocking because Nielsen has essentially been putting out reports with the same headline for several months. The only thing that has changed is the percentage of the market owned by Android; this time, it’s 39.

Nearly 4 out of 10 consumers surveyed by Nielsen run Android. Open Handset Alliance members combine to outpace Apple iOS (28 percent), RIM BlackBerry (20), Microsoft Windows Mobile/WP7 (9), HP WebOS (2), and Symbian (2). The top-selling Android makers were HTC (14 percent), Motorola (11), and Samsung (8) based on data from June.

The latest round of numbers continue the trend of Android making gains mostly at RIM’s expense. BlackBerry fell from 23 percent in April, while Android increased from 36 percent during that same month. Though iOS is clearly the biggest competition to Android, BlackBerry is suffering most from Android’s growth.

As we noted when similar data emerged in the British market, competition for new smartphone buyers is where the fiercest battles will take place. Previous Nielsen reports show that Android did not grow as quickly among new smartphone buyers in May, but it was in a dead-heat with iOS as the most-desired operating system among consumers looking to make a purchase soon. In that report, Nielsen stated “consumer preferences can be fickle,” so next month’s Nielsen headline could be a slight dip, increase, or more of the same regarding Android’s market share.

via Nielsen