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Android 3.1+ tablets get optimized Google Search page

July 29, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google Search is constantly evolving behind the scenes to fight spam and low-quality results, but the most popular search engine is finally prettying-up its tablet face. Google announced today that it is rolling out changes for Android 3.1 or higher tablets that will optimize the search experience for Honeycomb.

By optimize, Google means that the results page will be redesigned to better fit the larger screens and be more touch-friendly rather than click-oriented. Pages are rarely formatted in the most efficient way, especially when searching for images, so this change will make it easier to discover online content with a Honeycomb tablet.

Chief among the changes is the quick access to content types for Image, Video, Places, Shopping, and other popular filters. Tapping the search button will take the user to that category, and there will be common settings for other filters like relevance or time. Anyone who searches for images will also discover that the Google Image Search page has larger thumbnails that are easier to browse than the current version of the website. No more futile attempts at zooming in-and-out or trying to adjust search parameters.

Surprisingly, Google is not extending this optimization to pre-Honeycomb tablets. Since the iPad will also see similar changes, one would think Google would have thrown a bone to the Galaxy Tab owners out there who are already satisfied with their tablet experience. Whatever the reason for the snub, the couple million of Honeycomb users who have an Android 3.1 or higher device should be able see this update applied over the next few days.

via Google Mobile