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Amazon becomes second largest buyer of tablet parts?

July 27, 2011 | by Charles West



Well, what do we have here? More reports of a Amazon tablet. According to Taiwanese trade publication, DigiTimesAmazon has become the second largest buyer of tablet parts as component suppliers are lining up to provide parts for the giant e-commerce company’s seven and ten-inch slates rumored to run Google’s Android OS.

For weeks, there have been reports from numerous publications suggesting that these Amazon devices are apparently due for a fourth quarter launch and the online retail giant is targeting to ship four million tablet PCs this year. If you go by this timeline it would match up to what the Wall Street Journal reported, when it said Amazon tablets would be launching by October.

The WSJ also described the tablet as having “a roughly nine-inch screen…unlike the iPad, it won’t have a camera.” Sources for the Journal say that an unnamed manufacturer will build the tablet for Amazon, but a second tablet designed in-house may arrive in 2012.

So this report from DigiTimes on Amazon hoarding tablet parts for a launch soon may have some ground. The publication named suppliers which include an unnamed processor from Nvidia, gravity sensors from Sitronix and touch panels from Wintek (also an Apple supplier) in addition to J Touch and Chunghwa Picture Tubes. If the online retailer can keep prices cheap, they will undoubtedly put heavy pressure on the iPad – and other Android tablet makers – when it comes to quality and price.

What do you guys think about Amazon getting into the tablet business? What are your expectations of a Amazon Android powered tablet? As always, leave your comments in the cozy section below.

Source: 9to5Google