Riptide GP makes racing addictive on Tegra 2 devices [Game Reviews]

June 30, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Racing games are popular on Android, but there’s more to the genre than just pushing a car left and right. There’s also pushing a jet ski left and right!

Riptide GP is an highly-enjoyable game for Tegra 2 devices that puts a slightly-different spin on the racing set-up. The core principles remain the same, but players are riding waves rather than burning rubber, and that tiny deviation from the norm helps make a solid game even more fun to play.

Riptide GP ($6.99) is a game that has several modes and achievements for users to conquer. It has 12 raceways to explore, championship tours on 3 difficulty modes, and a Hot Lap feature in which the object of the game is to beat your best recorded time. Within each mode, users control a jet ski through an adjustable accelerometer, so it turns as you turn. Vehicles that are faster and handle better can be unlocked through in-game achievements, and an OpenFeint-connected leaderboard allows players to know where they stack-up against their friends.

These features sound nice, but Riptide’s graphics are what will really draw you in. Optimized for NVIDIA Tegra 2 processors, Riptide has excellent graphics that can be enhanced further through a slider that balances graphic output and guaranteed performance. The waves that send racers crashing left and right have great detail, and elements from each track will influence track time. Riptide offers acceleration boosts when users perform airborne stunts of ramps or large waves, and users can unlock shortcuts or bonus ramps at certain points through the race to earn them.

“Beating” Riptide is not hard, but you will get plenty of motivation to return to the game. That’s because the increased difficulty makes the game more exciting and challenging, and there’s always an urge to be a fraction of a second faster and deliver your best performance. Inclusion of OpenFeint ups the competition with friends and provides an incentive to unlock as many achievements as possible. Even after logging several hours of play, I still felt the urge to play Riptide. The game could benefit from more tracks, but anyone with a Tegra 2 device – Motorola Atrix or Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the like – will be too busy racing to master this game to notice.

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  • 12 race tracks with in-game triggers
  • 6 jet skis and multiple levels to unlock
  • 3 game modes (Race, Hot Lap, and Championship) and difficulty levels
  • OpenFeint support for social gaming and achievements

App: Riptide

Price: $6.99


Android 2.2 or higher and Tegra 2 processor required