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Android Apps Alert #62: Facial Recognition and Food Finding edition

June 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market is home to tens of thousands of apps. Your Android phone or tablet barely holds a fraction of a percentage of those apps, and you won’t need or want to have that many. That’s why tries to find great Android apps to share with our readers every week.

This time around, we feature the Facial Recognition and Food Finding edition. Aside from a cool app that adds the ability to protect your phone based on their photo, there are a couple of apps for picking something to eat. There’s also postcards, news, and good music. Take a look at the apps below and click the “Install” button to be taken to the Android Market page.

Visidon App Lock

Android 2.3 and higher required

Visidon adds a security layer that prevents apps from being launched. A user must either enter in their pre-determined password or use facial recognition. The app takes a picture of the device owner using the front-facing camera, so only that person will be able to launch designated apps. It’s not military grade protection, but if you don’t want your child to launch the Android Market or Browser while letting him play Angry Birds, this can be a good solution. It can also come in handy to keep people from launching your dialer or SMS app. The are three levels of security that can be perfected with training.

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Android 2.2 or higher required

Nutritional facts can sometimes seem like a collection of numbers with no context for the layman. Fooducate helps fill in the gap in helping people understand which foods are healthy or harmful to their dietary habits. The app scans a product’s barcode and then grades the food, provides calorie counts, and compares it to alternatives. So if you scan a box of Super Sugar cereal, the app provides 5 better options that you should consider. The well-designed app has search history, daily tips, and a Healthy Me section that grades the food searches and liked products. This can be a great tool for anyone looking to get healthier when grocery shopping.

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BBC News (International Edition)

Android 1.6-2.3.3 required

It was great to discover that the BBC News released an Android app that by all accounts was a great source for news. It was less-than-great that only UK residents were able to access it. Well, the BBC had spread its wings further and released an international edition available to non-UK residents. The BBC News Android app delivers text reports organized in a grid with photos. Stories are formatted for quick swiping, and users can edit which categories or regions are featured. There’s also a 1-minute World News Summary video and the ability to hear a live BBC World Service radio feed.

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Android 2.3 or higher required

The music you listen to could use an extra kick of bass. Equalizer delivers that by, as the name clearly implies, providing EQ settings for your music. Equalizer comes with presets designed to improve the sound levels for 10 different music genres, and it can auto-detect which setting to apply based on genre tags. Users can also customize 5 channels to get the right pitch, or add power settings for boosting the bass, adding reverb, and a virtualizer. Headphones are required to get the full effect and truly notice a difference.

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Food Truck Follower

Android 1.6 or higher required

Food Truck Follower is a simple app that shows the Twitter feeds of known food trucks in your city. Many trucks advertise where they are or are going to be on the social network, and this app shows all of those tweets. If you are interested in only one particular truck, it may make sense to just follow that company on Twitter, but if you are looking to discover who to follow or learn their locations, Food Truck Follower shows the way. There are dozens of trucks listed for several U.S. cities., which can also be searched. No ratings on cleanliness, though, so good luck.

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Android 1.6 or higher required

In an age of emails, SMS, BBM’s, tweets, and phone calls, is there really room for something as antiquated as a postcard? Postagram says yes. Postagram is an Android app that lets users take a photo from their gallery, add text, and have a physical postcard printed and sent to an address. Postcards are 3×3, glossy photos (300 dpi resolution), and can contain a message up to 140 characters. The 99-cent postcard will arrive in 2-5 business days in the United States, with international delivery taking longer. So the next time you’re on vacation and want to send a note to someone in the physical world rather than the digital one, this is the way.

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