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Google Android Market now provides recommendations for downloads, ala Amazon

May 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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At a press meeting during Google I/O, an Android Product Manager told me to look to the Android Market today for some cool new things. The Day 2 keynote is underway, so plenty of new information could be on-tap, but there’s already a clever feature of the Android Market website already available.

Much like the way that Amazon recommends products to buy based on what other shoppers of a particular product choose, the Android Market website now provides recommendations based on what users download. When someone chooses to install an app – say, IMDB on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, like I just did – the Android Market will then recommend similar apps that other users are getting. That leads me to discover new apps like TV Guide- Ireland and NetQ – A Netflix app.

Of course, you can quickly spot a problem with relevance because I’m not in Ireland and have no use for a television app that tells me what time Celtic and Rangers play on local television. However, this is still in the very early stages and recommendation may become more sophisticated and accurate over time. We’ve spoken at length about ways that Google could improve the app discovery process, and this is the first step towards that.

I fully expect to see more market news shortly, so check back throughout the day for more Market news.