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Google Android is king; sales of Android devices 6 times more than last year

May 19, 2011 | by Chris Smith


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It’s really no surprise when we see the numbers of the latest Android sales and market share. The Android platform has made itself the King of the mobile OS market in a few short years. Even coming a tad bit late to the game behind Apple’s iOS platform, Android has shown that it has what it takes to stay in the game and then overtake the position as the number one mobile OS.

Gartner is reporting that Android has trumped first quarter iPhone sales in the first quarter of 2011 with over 36.3 million devices sold. That is over six times the amount of Android devices that were sold during the first quarter of last year. Also, Android has almost quadrupled its share of the mobile OS market since last year from 9.6 percent to a whopping 36 percent of mobile devices. It’s sort of hard to believe that Android has grown to such a behemoth that it is.

Table 1
Worldwide Mobile Terminal Sales to End Users in 1Q11 (Thousands of Units)

Company 1Q11


1Q11 Market Share (%) 1Q10


1Q10 Market Share (%)
Nokia 107,556.1 25.1 110,105.4 30.6
Samsung 68,782.0 16.1 64,897.1 18.0
LG 23,997.2 5.6 27,190.1 7.6
Apple 16,883.2 3.9 8,270.1 2.3
RIM 13,004.0 3.0 10,752.5 3.0
ZTE 9,826.8 2.3 6,104.3 1.7
HTC 9,313.5 2.2 3,378.4 0.9
Motorola 8,789.7 2.1 9,574.5 2.7
Sony Ericsson 7,919.4 1.9 9,865.7 2.7
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. 7,002.9 1.6 5,236.1 1.5
Others 154,770.9 36.2 104,230.3 29.0
Total 427,846 100.0 359,605 100.0

Source: Gartner (May 2011)

Something also of note is how Android has surpassed iOS’s ad revenue in the Millennial Media Network coming in at 53% of all ad impressions where as iOS was at 16%.

It’s always fun to throw around numbers and talk about how Android is dominating the market and the like, but really what does it mean for all of us consumers? To be honest, it’s really a great time to be a smartphone consumer because when companies like Apple are threatened by Android dominance in the mobile space, they tend to release even better products which in turn pushes other manufacturers to release better Android products. It’s a cycle of healthy competition that produces better and better gear for us to play with.

On another note, the overall Android dominance could push Google into the front of the mobile OS race so far that they start to drag their feet on adding extra features and giving users timely updates. I have a good feeling though that a company of engineers may not fall into the trap of “lazy dominance” as their mobile OS becomes larger and larger in the space.

The only thing that truly disturbs the tech fanboy is that we only have two true mobile OS players right now as other companies (RIM, Microsoft, HP/Palm, and Nokia) are still trying to figure out what they need to do.

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