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Gameloft might sell even more games in the Android Market [Opinion]

May 12, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gameloft returned to the Android Market yesterday, announcing that Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is available for sale. The first person shooter can lead to excitement on its own merits, but its arrival also signals that Gameloft may make more trips to Google’s official Android app distribution channel.

Is Modern Combat being in the Android Market a freak occurrence? Hardly. This is Gameloft dipping its toes back in the Market waters and seeing how much business sense it makes to dive in. I spoke with a couple of Gameloft reps following yesterday’s announcement and learned that the company is intrigued by the strides Google has taken to prevent piracy and provide more options for distributing apps to different devices. Those concerns were part of the reason that Gameloft previously sold apps only through its own store. After our conversation, I got the impression that Gameloft coming to the Android Market more often is a very strong possibility.

Gameloft is not abandoning its self-run storefront. Yesterday’s launch of NOVA 2, which is still available only in the Gameloft store, shows at much. And we’ll probably see some games launch as device exclusives. However, it’s good to see that the company is reconsidering its stance on the official Android Market. Aside from Dungeon Hunter and Asphalt 5, two games that we raved about, the bulk of Gameloft’s library has not been available in the Android Market. That also meant it didn’t provide the protection of re-downloading to different devices owned by the user, standard billing, and not being available to many because of frustrating download errors.

I’ve gone on record saying that Gameloft produces some of the best Android games but the store was too much to deal with those results. The Android Market is much easier to use, so games like Modern Combat are better served. Here’s a trailer of the game, and a link to the Android Market if you want to purchase the game.