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doubleTwist doubleTap allows wireless music sharing using NFC [Video demo]

May 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Music has so far been the talk of the town in San Francisco since Google announced its Music beta service at Google I/O 2011. That wasn’t the only hot tune on Android, however, because doubleTwist has shown off its own music app.

Android users should already be familiar with doubleTwist, which provides wireless syncing from the desktop to Android and offers a beautiful music player for Android. That wireless transfer trend continues in the doubleTwist double-tap function that shares media between phones. Using near-field communications (NFC), doubleTwist is able to let users share music between friends. If both users have an NFC-capable device, like the Nexus S, they can simply place their phones back-to-back and send music to their friend. Best of all, a web connection isn’t even necessary.

Another interesting feature that doubleTwist demonstrated for was a way to share media between devices UPnP players like Apple TV. Using the AirShare function of doubleTwist, users can send images to be displayed on the big screen of their Apple TV – or even the Google TV devices that we heard so much about yesterday.

Here’s a quick product demo of how doubleTwist performs using doubleTap. Download the app from the Android Market if it seems like something you’d like to have.