DailyRoads Voyager Android app records the road, including hit and run case

May 5, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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I’ve seen plenty of drivers record themselves speaking or singing along to music in the car, but rarely have I seen an Android phone recording the road. One Tennessee resident actually films his daily driving experience, and he managed to capture a hit-and-run driver in the process.

According to Knoxville station WBIR, Nic Bender was driving his car in February when a white Nissan Altima clipped the front passenger side of his car and then sped off. Bender had his Motorola Droid mounted on the front window of the car, and using the DailyRoads Voyager Android app, he managed to record the entire incident. The combination of bright lights, rapid movement, and limited camera capabilities made it hard to see the other driver’s temporary tags, but having DailyRoads Voyager provided some obvious benefits.

For one, it gives police officers a starting point. Someone who doesn’t know much about cars may find it difficult to describe the car that hit them, so being able to look at the video and see what’s clearly an Altima is a big help. Second, it provides unquestionable proof that Bender is not at fault when he goes to make a claim to his insurance company. Fraud concerns and discrepancies between accounts of people involved in accidents can be roadblocks to getting an insurance claim; having a driving camera app for Android creates a backup that will help your case. Heck, something crazy might even happen and you could capture it all on your phone.

DailyRoads Voyager provides continuous recording of driving and gives users the option to automatically or manually delete video they no longer need. The app uses sensitivity to determine when a traffic incident occurs, so it will auto-save at the point of impact during an accident. Users can also boost their case by pointing out that videos show the time and location through geotagging. The app will not save drivers from an accident, but it can save a lot of the stress that comes after one.

Be sure to take care when using this app and do not become distracted. Place the phone in a car mount that doesn’t obstruct view whenever in use. via Reddit

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