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Android Market shows trending apps, top new apps in your nation, and personal recommendations

May 11, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market has made some changes recently in order to be more friendly to both developers and users. We’ve already seen the addition of movie rentals yesterday, and this morning brought the welcome arrival of recommended apps based on download trends of other Android users.

Android Market lead Eric Chu announced that beginning in June, the Android Market app will display apps that are “hot right now.” Rather than show top apps that were released months ago, the Market will show a new list that puts the spotlight on apps popular over the past 30 days. (The Android Market web site should be available now.)

Chu states that the Android Market will add several new lists designed to improve discovery. There will be a Top New Free apps list and a Top New Paid Apps list that will make it easier to discover popular apps according to cost. These lists will also be regionalized, so someone in Norway will be see the apps popular among his fellow Norwegians, and Indians will be able to easily discover the best Android apps in India.

Android users and developers have often complained that the Market previously highlighted apps that have been popular for a long time, which made it incredibly difficult for anything new to rise to the top. Trending apps will address those problems, but still recognize all-time popularity in a separate list. The Market will also showcase apps based on what a user has installed, so as users continue to discover new apps more easily in the Android Market, the Market will respond accordingly and suggest new titles to download.

The changes are good news to developers. Matt Haggerty of Chickenbrick Studios (Market Millionaire, Cestos, Project INF), told me after the breakout session announcing these changes that this could be a major boon to app creators.

“Right now, the lists are kind of stale, so it’s going to be great to have new apps get discovered more,” Haggerty said. “Localization might be a little tricky with so many countries having their own list, but giving developers more chance to appear to new users is going to be huge.”