Amazon App of the Day Reminder reminds you to download the free Amazon App of the Day

May 23, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Tools


A crazy concept I know, but the title says it all. Amazon App of the Day Reminder is a free Android app that alerts you whenever there’s a premium app available for free in the Amazon Appstore. But before you scoff at installing an app that just takes you to a store to get apps, consider how effective it can be for the right person.

Since the Amazon Appstore for Android launched in March, many have visited the alternative market as a place to get free apps that would otherwise cost money. However, remembering to go to the App Store every single day can sometimes be tough in the hectic lives we lead. I’ve grabbed about 10 apps that I didn’t already own, but I missed out on getting a couple of premium apps that I’d really like because I was too busy or tired to bother with Amazon.

The Amazon Appstore Reminder helps forgetful folks like me. Users select a time to receive a daily reminder, then wait for AAOTDR to appear in the notifications tab at the designated time. The reminder lists the title of the app available and links to the Amazon Appstore so users can download it. Very simple and very effective.

Download Amazon Appstore Reminder from XDA and keep up with its progress there.

Tip: If you have an automated app like Tasker, you don’t need to download this app. Create a profile that launches the Amazon App Store at a designated time and you’ll never forget to download the free app of the day.