Toshiba Tablet gets Best Buy holding page, but still no name

April 8, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Toshiba Tablets


I’m not sure exactly what “coming soon” could mean. In the tech world, “coming soon” could be anything from a couple weeks to a couple months. Either way, the Toshiba Tablet is coming soon according to a new Best Buy holding page.

Unfortunately, that’s about the full extent of the new information given on the page. The Toshiba Tablet is still the 10.1″ Tegra 2 Honeycomb device that it’s always been. It still has all the connectors you’d expect in a new tablet. It has the interesting EasyGrip back plate which can be swapped out for various colors (sold separately). And, as always, the device still has no name.

It could be that Toshiba is planning to release this as simply the “Toshiba Tablet”, but it isn’t too often that a company goes super generic like that. Their big name laptops are the Satellite line and the Portege line, and they likely wouldn’t extend either of those to a new form factor like a tablet.

So, what would you guys name the Toshiba Tablet?

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