T-Mobile launches “unlimited” calling, text, and data plan for $79.99

April 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



T-Mobile announced today that it has launched an unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan for only $79.99 per month. Available for a limited time on two-year contracts or Even More plans, the $79.99 feature will give T-Mobile customers a chance to make as many calls and send as many texts as they wish.

However, the “unlimited” part is a little grainy on the data side. T-Mobile has set the data cap to 2GB and will then throttle users once that threshold is crossed during the billing period. A couple of gigs good if you don’t spend much time streaming from Pandora, watching T-Mobile TV, or browsing the web, but people who do those types of things daily are probably going to want to avoid that option.

The new T-Mobile plans are more suited for users who do crazy things like call people on their phones. You data hogs may want to stick with the traditional plans that have higher caps. This new unlimited option makes sense for most T-Mobile customers because according to the announcement T-Mo just sent us, the average customer uses only 1 GB of data each billing cycle. AT&T said the same thing when it introduced 2 GB caps to its data plans.

So how does T-Mobile stack up against it’s rivals? There’s a cool little chart showing how the $79.99 plan compares, though it’s a tad misleading. Sprint’s unlimited text, mobile-to-mobile, and data plan is $79.99 a month and doesn’t have a cap or throttling. Either way, I’m sure phone selection and network quality in your area will be as big a factor as price in your carrier choice.