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Skype adds 3G calling and security fixes to Android app

April 20, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Skype has updated its Android app to offer two major features. The first isn’t so much a feature as it’s a change to addressa bonehead mistake made when the app was developed: Skype now encrypts your account data. The second feature is a welcome addition: the ability to make Skype calls over 3G.

A few days ago, AndroidPolice discovered that Skype left user data – including account name, calls, friends, and more – unencrypted and open to nefarious apps that could compromise an account. Today’s update fixes that problem and closes the backdoor that previously exposed that information. It’s crazy to think a major company could overlook such a major security hole, but it’s good to know Skype admitted its mistake and responded quickly.

While security’s cool, 3G calling is much cooler. The Android Market listing for Skype reports that “calling over your 3G connection is available worldwide – now including the U.S.” You will need to have an Android 2.1, or Android 2.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S, to get the app running. Anyone meeting those requirements can fire-up Skype and start calling their contacts over their 3G connection.

Android users in the United States were incredibly disappointed when Skype released its Android app to non-Verizon customers but didn’t include 3G calling. A hacked version turned that feature on back in October, but U.S. Android phones can make Skype 3G calls with the official app now.

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