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Seesmic adds direct shortcuts to Android home screen, improves tablet UI and translations

April 20, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Popular social networking tool Seesmic has updated its Android app today. In the latest version is the ability to skip straight to certain functions of Seesmic for Android, directly from your homescreen.

Seesmic shortcuts allow immediate, one-tap access to accounts and features of the Seesmic Android app. Previous versions of Seesmic would launch the app and go to the user’s default account. With shortcuts, users can skip to their Facebook or Chatter account rather than the default Twitter profile set to open with Seesmic. It also opens up to specific features, so you can jump straight to @mentions, stored Twitter search items, or the create a new post page.

The new shortcuts are available for a particular Seesmic Account, Chatter Group, Composer, Facebook page, Twitter List, or Twitter Search. Users can set it up by long-pressing on a blank area of the Android home screen, tapping Add Shortcut, and then scroll down to the list of Seesmic items that can be launched from the homescreen.

Here are a few other new features launched in the latest version of Seesmic. Download from the Android Market to see if this is the social media tool for you.

  • Translation: Translate updates to your current language instantly.
  • Spam: Mark Twitter accounts as spam in one tap.
  • Improved Links: Links to tweets or profiles and links to Facebook updates and profiles may be opened directly in Seesmic instead of your browser
  • General improvements & Tablet UI: We took care of many of the little things you asked us to fix, and Seesmic looks better than ever on Android 3.0 Tablets.

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Seesmic originally debuted as a video communication tool, then transitioned into a Twitter client. The company has since become a platform tool that allows users and companies to manage their presence on Facebook, Google Buzz, Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, and more. I use it to control’s Facebook account when I need to share things on the go or respond to the questions you guys pose.