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Rovio adding device sync to Angry Birds

April 13, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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Angry Birds Seasons

This is a story that hit me personally. I’ve had to swap my Nexus One a few times for various issues, plus I’ve installed a number of custom ROMs and such. And, each time I started fresh, I would have to start from the beginning in Angry Birds and other games. Now, Rovio wants to end that mess by adding device syncing to Angry Birds.

[blackbirdpie url="!/RovioMobile/status/58208763596898304"]

The plan is simple: Angry Birds will backup your progress to the cloud, so if you buy a new Android device or make the switch from Android to iOS or visa versa, you’ll never again lose your progress. Not a bad idea, and one that I would love to see become standard in all games. There is nothing that kills my urge to play a game more than losing my progress, and unfortunately aside from some options for root users, there aren’t any solutions for saving game data like that.

There isn’t a specific timeline for the update, but Rovio has said that it will happen “before summer”.