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Poker Swap updates to HD graphics

April 14, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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A while back, I reviewed Poker Swap, and I had a few bones to pick with the game:

  1. The graphics “look like it was ported from my 1999 feature phone”
  2. The sound setting didn’t stick when relaunching the game
  3. For a game focused on speed, the animations forced you to slow down

Well, we’re in luck! Motu Tapu has updated the game and fixed two of those three issues. They have just released an update with all new HD graphics for Poker Swap and Poker Swap Pro. This makes the game look a lot better on WVGA (480×800) screens or even higher res. I can definitely see the difference on my Nexus One. The sound settings have also been fixed.

Unfortunately, although the press release mentions “faster animations”, there is still a delay when making a match which restricts you from making another move while the animation is running. As I said, the game is based on speed, so having to wait for that animation to finish can be annoying.

Still, the game looks a lot better, and the game is still as fun as it ever was. I’d still suggest getting the Pro version, if you like the game, because the ads are still as obnoxious as ever. But, this is still a game that you should all try.

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