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Google officially announces Google Talk Video for Android

April 28, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Android News

Talk videochat - buddylist

Google tweeted earlier via the Google Nexus account that they had a surprise for us today, and the announcement just rolled out on the official Google Mobile blog: Google Talk Video. Unfortunately, this is one of those good news/bad news scenarios. The good news is just that, GTalk Video chat is coming to mobile. The bad news is that unless you have a Nexus S, you’re going to have to wait until your manufacturer upgrades your phone to Android 2.3.4.

Even better though is that this isn’t just video chat for GTalk, but voice chat as well, both of which will be available on 3G, 4G or WiFi. This means you’ll be able to video chat or voice chat with any users on mobile or desktop devices (through GMail.) This not only moves us closer to being rid of those pesky voice contracts and needing only data for our communication, but it also means that phones without front-facing cameras will still be able to call each other on 

GTalk using the voice chat option.

Google says that Android 2.3.4 will be rolling out to Nexus S users in the next few weeks. We can assume it won’t be long before it’s baked into Cyanogen, but for any non-root users, you’ll just have to play the waiting game, and hope that the Gingerbread update for your phone is 2.3.4.

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