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Google I/O will have livestream to make it feel like you’re there

April 7, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Yes, we were just as disappointed to find out that Google I/O 2011 ticket sales ended in just under an hour. Google wisely realized that’s sort of a problem when the entire aim of a developer conference is to encourage adoption of your products and platforms. That’s why most of the events at Google I/O 2011 will be livestreamed to remote viewing parties and user computers.

The Google Code Blog has announced that not only will the keynotes be streamed to the web as they have in year’s past, but so will the sessions taking place in the two largest rooms at the Moscone Center. Considering Android’s popularity and standing-room-only at sessions I attended last year, count on those streams to be Android-related.

The I/O Live website will have updates from new announcements, streams with real-time captions translated to all languages supported by Google, and HD recordings of sessions that aren’t streamed will be uploaded to YouTube within 24 hours. Well, damn, Google; why should I bother going? Oh, the free stuff, hands-on time, and experience of being there live when you find out the next big thing for Android. Fair enough.

The fun starts May 10 at 9 am PST. Visit the I/O Extended page for more information about watching the I/O events with other developers in your city or country. It will be a great chance to meet other developers and Google reps who will be on-hand at these events.

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