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Android developer uses unique selling point for “180″ game – limited ads

April 13, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market typically hosts two types of Android apps: the kind you buy and the kind that are free thanks to the Google-sponsored ads that help the developer earn money.

Headcase Games is adding a third option to that rule – download the app and see apps only for the first few hours of gameplay. Android users can purchase 180 Ultra for $1.99 and never so much as look at an advertisement. Or, they can download the 180 free version and see ads only for the first 10 hours of gameplay. Afterwards, 180 removes all ads forever and becomes on parity with the paid version.

This is the first I’ve heard of a developer using a limited time advertisement as a revenue model. We’ve heard success stories of Car Locator making thousands of dollars and the same happening for Advanced Task Manager with ads. When we asked devs to tell us how much money they make off ads, several told us that they generate enough off ad revenue and sales to quit their day jobs coding for bigger companies.

But those revenues are possible because people continue to see and click advertisements. Headcase Games is attempting to generate money quickly rather than subject users to ads for the life of the product. This new revenue model is just an experiment that could become a permanent method for Headcase. Based on comments made on reedit, “the nice thing about tech these days is we can easily collect user feedback and futz with the method until we find a “sweet spot” that people are happiest with,” the developer said.

As for the game, 180 is a puzzle game with four playing modes and OpenFeint integration that seems pretty cool. Take a look at a video demo (it’s of the iOS version, but the game has been redone for Android with better graphics) and then see if you want to download the app.

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