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uTorrent Android Remote adds Mac OS support

March 4, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The uTorrent Remote application for Android lets users control torrent downloads from an Android phone. The app launched last month and supported only uTorrent PC users, but BitTorrent has released a Mac OS alpha that is now compatible with the uTorrent Android app.

uTorrent Remote can manage torrent downloads on Android. Users can start, pause, or stop downloads; add torrents to the queue; and manage labels or feeds. There are also download stats to help monitor progress. Only the most-recent version of uTorrent alpha will work with the Remote app, so users must uninstall their current version and download the beta version.

I tested uRemote briefly with the South by South West 2011 music torrent and it worked wonderfully. It took only about 5 minutes to register and begin the process. Here’s how.

Install app

  1. Download uTorrent for Mac OS Alpha
  2. Launch uTorrent and go to uTorrent > Preferences > Remote
  3. Check the “uTorrent web remote access” button and then enter a user name and password. Then click sign-in.
  4. Download uTorrent Remote for Android, and then enter the same user name and password.
  5. Once logged in, have fun!