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StubHub fast-tracks ticket buying on Android phones

March 10, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Stub Hub  is one of the biggest ticket sellers online. The second-hand market is your place to find web-based scalpers for concert tickets, the theatre, and sporting events, and now it serves as a ticket buying and selling app for Android.

Now you can purchase those SuperBowl tickets for your family or those Justin Bieber tickets for your “niece” directly from an Android phone running 2.1 or higher. Considering how quickly events sell-out and how tough it is to find a decent price at online sellers, this will allow you to find tickets when you can’t make it to a desktop computer.

StubHub lists events happening next week and maintains a calendar showing when and where it takes place. A map is then provided to show where seats are located prior to purchase. Users can also search for an event and filter according to price or availability. Once purchased, you can manage your order – or set-up your own listing to resell tickets – directly within the app.

The convenience of having an app like this is obvious for people who frequent events. StubHub is one of the most popular ticket reselling destinations and you have to move fast to ensure that you get a good seat at an affordable price. The ability to narrow the search within the app helps that goal tremendously. It also helps that the app can track favorites and notify you when a sports team, recording artist, or show that interests you has an upcoming event in your area.

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Note: I’m currently having connection problems with the app, which I suspect could be related to running a custom ROM that’s probably not compatible with the app. If you are rooted and experiencing issues, send error reports to the StubHub developers.