Phoneboat turns your phone into a tripod and handsfree mount [Accessories]

March 8, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



The HTC EVO 4G is a great Android phone for many reasons, but I’m partial to the kickstand. I love the way that it enables handsfree video calling and watching videos on my phone. But there are plenty of other Android phones lacking a kickstand that could benefit from more hands-free options.

Phoneboat is an interesting smartphone accessory that would enable new uses if it graduates from prototype to product. The universal mobile phone tripod, mount, and stand can snap photos or record videos on a tripod, prop-up a phone for video chats, or even be used as a hands-free flashlight when trying to change a tire at night. We’ve seen that smartphones can replace many things, and this is one accessory that could extend those functions further.

Practically any Android phone you can think of – from the tiny HTC Aria to the massive Motorola Droid X – will fit the Phoneboat Slide. Designer Robert Jeffcoat hopes to bring his prototype to all of those phones if he can secure funding on Kickstarter is a community-driven funding system that seeks pledges for independent projects like Jeffcoat’s. Each project sets a funding goal and deadline, so money is collected only if the goal is reached.

It will take $20,000 for Jeffcoat to build the Phoneboat (iPhone 4 only) and Phoneboat Slide (universal and compatible with Android phones). Pledging $25 will guarantee that you receive a Phoneboat Slide if the goal is reached. You can also promise more money and receive additional benefits.

Here’s a video showcasing Phoneboat. Visit the Kickstarter page and pledge anywhere from $1 to $750 if you want to see this thing released.

Thanks, Mike!