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Official Verizon Evo… er, Thunderbolt order page goes live and has battery life specs

March 17, 2011 | by Michael Heller

HTC, Verizon

Verizon Thunderbolt page

The rumors have been spreading that the Thunderbolt would actually be released at some point, and it seems like the time has come. For a short time, the off-contract price on the site was listing at $449, but now it’s back up to the absurd $599. Or, you could always opt for a 2-year agreement and pay a mere $249 for what is essentially a year old phone.

The interesting thing about the product page is that it does finally give specifics on the battery life. The page rates the Thunderbolt at 330 hours of standby (a patently useless metric), or 378 minutes of usage time. There have been many rumors that this phone was delayed so many times because of terrible battery life, so if it can live up to the 6+ hours the page claims, that would be a major win for the engineers over at HTC. Still not quite enough battery life to get you through a day, so on top of the price of the phone, be prepared to grab an extra battery.