Music WithMe wirelessly syncs Android and iTunes for FREE

March 17, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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People who need to sync iTunes and Android now have a free option in a relaunched Android app. We previously wrote about a great Android app that wirelessly transfers music from your Mac/PC, but many scoffed at its $14.99 price. After taking user feedback and some time away from the Android Market, Music WithMe has returned as a free music sync app with a social twist.

Music WithMe is an Android 2.1 or higher app that can sync music from iTunes to Android phones. Both doubleTwist and WinAmp provide wireless sync, but users must make the switch to those desktop media players in order to take full advantage of that feature. WithMe lets users stay with iTunes and transfer songs based on Artist, Album, or Playlists. The app syncs over Wi-Fi or 3G, so you can grab an album or two even if you’re not home.

My only complaint with Music WithMe is that it does a poor job of showing download progress. It took me several minutes of attempting my second sync before I realized that the desktop download helper must always be on for sync to work (tip: set the helper to auto-start). While there is a “Current Downloads” section of the Status tab in the app, nothing ever happens there even when my Macbook shows that downloads are in-progress. However, I’m pleased to report that the music eventually landed on my HTC EVO microSD card.

Anyone needing to sync iTunes with Android should download Music WithMe. The app is free and – other than the progress snafu that will likely be addressed in a bug update – moves without issue. As someone who constantly plugs-in his phone to add new music files, I appreciate being able to add to my phone music library without having to do much work. I can simply move songs to an “EVO Playlist” in iTunes or automatically add new music by syncing a”Recently Added” smart playlist. Then it’s back to doubleTwist, PowerAMP, WinAmp, or whatever music player gets your blood pumping.

Music WithMe requires Android 2.1 or higher, and a desktop download helper on your Mac or Windows PC. Visit for help in the set-up process.

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  • Sync Android phones and iTunes library (Artist, Album, Playlist)
  • Sync over Wi-Fi or 3G
  • Recommend song through the Android share app lists

App: Music WithMe
Price: FREE