[Updated] Motorola Xoom heading to Cellular South with a fairly cheap data plan

March 23, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Motorola Tablets


Cellular South has confirmed that the Motorola Xoom is coming soon for their customers. Cellular South will be offering the Xoom for $599.99 bundled with a free Novatel Mi-Fi hotspot. This is the WiFi-only version of the Xoom, so bundling with a Mi-Fi is essential.

Cellular South isn’t giving a specific release date, saying only that the Xoom is “coming soon”. The data plans for the Mi-Fi are very reasonable, and clock in at:

  • $19.99/1G with $20.00 for each GB thereafter (MiFi only)
  • $29.99/3G with $10.00 for each GB thereafter (Data Card, Netbook and MiFi)
  • $49.99/5G with $10.00 for each GB thereafter (Data Card, Netbook and MiFi)

Currently, the only plan offered by Cellular South for the Mi-Fi is 5 GB for $59.99, which is as you can see is getting a price cut. Comparable Verizon data plans come in at $20 for 1 GB, $35 for 3 GB, and $50 for 5 GB, but of course those prices include Verizon’s LTE network. Cellular South is 3G only at the moment, but intends to have LTE by year’s end. Either way, this is a pretty good deal at least on the 3 GB data plan option. And, best of all, there is no contract required.

All in all, it doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. The Xoom will be regulation pricing for (what we assume is) the WiFi only version, and the data plan is aggressively priced. It’s good to see Cellular South bringing its A-game. Keep an eye on their website for updates.

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