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Illusia from GAMEVIL hits the Market

March 17, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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A new game from GAMEVIL, makers of Zenonia and Baseball Superstars, just hit the Android Market. The game is called Illusia, and is a side-scrolling action-RPG.

The art is what you’d expect from GAMEVIL, colorful and fluid anime style that only occasionally gets obscured by your thumbs. One annoying thing about the art is that each battle looks a bit like a cartoon dust-up, because the “action” comes from simply trading blows with the enemy. Illusia is set up like a standard RPG, meaning you start by choosing your class. Unfortunately, this is a very limited choice, with only options for fighter/melee class or magic/ranged. There is no option to customize your character, not even choosing your own name, although you can choose to manually or automatically allocate points when you level up. Though even on manual it is fairly easy, since there are only 3 categories to choose when allocating points: strength, dexterity and intelligence. The only trouble here is that the notifications are subtle, and you could easily miss that you even gained a level.

The story is pretty interesting in the opening, but once you get to the in-game dialogue, things can get tedious. This means if you’re going to buy this game, be sure about it first, because you’ll burn through your 15 minute return window quickly. The download is about 18MB and, if you want to read the story and do the tutorial, there will be at least 10 minutes in-game before you can even start playing the actual campaign.

The controls work okay for a touchscreen action game, but GAMEVIL really needs to patch it for multitouch support, because the jumping controls are very awkward. Without multitouch, you have to either be sure to release the movement arrow in order to press the jump button, or try using the direction arrows to jump, both options take some getting used to. There is a way to toggle an auto-run feature, but I still haven’t figured out exactly how that option works, and that is one thing that is left out of the tutorial. As I said before, battles can devolve into a cartoon dust-up, but despite a bit of button mashing, it is fun, and eventually you have some special abilities which you unlock, further adding to the experience.

The game is the standard (for platformers) seven levels, but also includes a Rush Mode and Mission Mode, so you get quite a bit of content for $4.99. Certainly, if you liked Zenonia, or if you just want a solid platformer action/RPG, you can’t go wrong with Illusia. Just be advised that your 15 minute return window will be gone before you play the game, and it’s 18 MB without an option to move to SD.


  • Good graphics
  • Interesting story
  • Lots of content


  • Big install with no option to move to SD storage
  • Controls can be awkward
  • No demo

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