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Angry Birds Rio will be Amazon Android app store exclusive [maybe in April?]

March 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

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Angry Birds Rio is coming to Android soon, but not the Android Market. The next installment of one of the best Android games will launch exclusively in the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon has been working on an alternative Android Market for several months, The online retailer announced today that Angry Birds Rio will be the flagship app in the store, which should drive downloads. Amazon flat-out states that it partnered with Rovio (translation: paid) to make Angry Birds an exclusive that will lead to “more traffic to the Amazon Appstore and more customers for [developers].”

Smart move, Amazon. When Angry Birds moved from beta to full game in October 2010, it was available for a short time only on GetJar. The demand proved so great that GetJar’s servers were overloaded, and many people who otherwise would have ignored the Market alternative learned there was another source to download Android apps. Having a coveted title like Angry Birds Rio, which has more than 30 million downloads on Android, will do the same for Amazon when its Android Market alternative launches. (Let’s just hope it doesn’t prove to be as big a flop as it was on GetJar).

Exactly when that launch takes place is unknown. Amazon says only that the Amazon Appstore will open “very soon.” Considering that the Angry Birds Rio animated movie hits theaters April 15, I’m guessing early April would be great for a movie tie-in promotion. Is anyone tempted to join the Amazon Appstore because of exclusivity or will you just wait for Angry Birds Rio to fly into the Android Market?

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Rovio just announced that it will also release the paid, ad-free versions of Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons in the Amazon Appstore.