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YouTube for Android Honeycomb may be the best yet [Video Hands-On]

February 2, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android, Multimedia


Google takes great strides to deliver versions of YouTube that are best suited for certain devices, as seen on Google TV, Android handsets, and online. Consumers will soon see a YouTube for Android-powered Honeycomb tablets in better than any version of the site that we’ve seen.

At today’s Google event, we took the time to take a look at the new YouTube app and walked away with an opinion that can be summed up in one word: want. YouTube has been organized to show millions of videos in a compelling design that impresses from the moment users launch the carousel that shows popular videos. From there, users can filter according to topic, browse, see their channels, or view their own subscription feed.

YouTube shows content in neatly designed squares for related videos, has comments, and the ability to like and dislike content. If you want to see your videos on the homescreen, a YouTube widget has a stacked widget that browses through video. High-quality videos are displayed whenever available, and almost everything one expects from YouTube is available. Almost because annotations are not supported on any of the videos I tested. The person who gave me a demo didn’t know if and when that would be added. Here’s a quick hands-on to see the app for yourself.