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ShokoRocket is ChuChu Rocket for your Android

February 18, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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shoko rocket screen

If any of you were fans of the game ChuChu Rocket from the Sega Dreamcast, you should probably check out Shoko Rocket, which is essentially a direct port. Personally, I never got into ChuChu Rocket, although my college roommate was pretty well obsessed. I still own the game, but for some reason the puzzling of the game just doesn’t mesh with how my brain works. But, if you’re a fan of puzzles and creating puzzles, this is likely the game for you.

Shoko Rocket is, without a doubt, based on a Japanese game – the premise is simple, yet absurd. You need to guide your mice to their rockets, so they can escape. The mice move in a continuous direction unless they hit a wall, or you place arrows to guide them. For the challenge, there are cats (although they look like crazy orange eggs) which will kill your mice or break your arrows. If one mouse dies, you lose.

The game can be very challenging, but the art style and execution works extremely well. It comes packed with 180 levels, and, even if the puzzling isn’t your thing, Shoko Rocket also includes a very nice level editor so you can create death traps and share them with the community. The game is free and ad-free, so definitely give it a shot!

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