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picplz looking to make some gains with new features and version 2.0

February 10, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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picplz is a social camera app, meaning you take pictures and have them automatically posted to various networks. Currently, picplz can connect and post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous, and Dropbox. And, as with any good social network, you can follow people you know and like in picplz to see their newest pictures right in the app. Until now picplz has been a nice app, but hasn’t had the following of competitors like Instagram, but a slew of recent moves could change their fortunes.

First, two days ago picplz launched Creative Commons support, analytics for brands, and an API. Creative Commons support can help to increase your reach and control when posting to Flickr by setting whether or not you want to allow others to find your pics for commercial or non-commercial use. The brand analytics could be a big move, because picplz already has some big names using their service like the LA Lakers, San Diego Chargers, Madison Square Garden, and Trey Songz. Analytics will help those brands more effectively reach and interact with fans. But, the biggest news of all is of course the API. Twitter has proven that a good API can not only grow your product, but make it explode. The API currently allows for some pretty nice embedding of your picplz gallery through widgets and a slideshow app, but it also allows for uploading and filters, so third party apps will be able to make full use of picplz.

Today, picplz launched version 2.0 of their Android app, which makes the app far more useful. In addition to a UI overhaul, version 2.0 now has native camera support, so you can use all the bells and whistles that your specific device allows. It also has added an Activity Feed to easily follow friends, and the ability to post from your Gallery.

All these moves are great to see from an app that’s already quite good. The only thing it needs now is better friend finding options. Unfortunately, there is no way currently to poll your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or mail contacts to find friends. The only options are searching for individual member names or e-mail addresses. In my opinion, that’s the only thing that’s holding this app back.

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