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Officially creepy ad for the unofficial Xperia Play

February 3, 2011 | by Michael Heller

Sony Mobile

Xperia thumbs

Sony (and, let’s face it, Japan in general) has never been a company to shy away from shocking, strange, or creepy ads, but the new commercial for the Xperia Play may end up giving me nightmares. That’s right, Sony has yet to officially confirm the existence of the PlayStation Phone (aka Xperia Play), but that won’t stop them from unofficially leaking an official commercial for the unofficial phone.

Apparently, in Sony’s world view it has been heretofore impossible to use your thumbs to play games on a cell phone, but luckily Sony has made some dirty backroom surgery available to make it all happen. No word on when you can use your newly sewn on thumbs to play games from 15 years ago, but I’m sure Sony will deem us worthy of that information at some point.