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Official Google Reader app gets updated, now comes with widgets

February 17, 2011 | by Lars Aronsson


Google Reader widget

In early December last year, Google finally released an official app for its excellent RSS news reader located at The app syncs with the web version, so your reading lists will always be up to date. Google has released a major update to the Reader app that now features two widgets.

The Unread count widget will let you choose any label, person, feed or “all items”, and it will show you the unread count for that item. When you tap on the widget, it will take you directly to that stream.

The News ticker widget is a larger size widget that cycles through any RSS feed you want that’s in your Reader. Pressing a headline will bring up the full article, and if you tap on the folder icon, you’ll be taken to the entire feed. This widget is similar to the News and Weather widget.

The “Mark previous as read” feature is also back now, and it lets you mark all posts on the screen as read. The latest update to the Google Reader app adds an official Russian translation as well. All folks rocking a device running Android 1.6 or higher can use it, but the widget functionality requires Android 2.2+.

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