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NEC brings back the clamshell PDA with the LifeTouch Note

February 15, 2011 | by Michael Heller



When I was in high school, I had a Psion Revo clamshell PDA, which was basically a 5″ screen with keyboard and stylus input. As with most PDAs of that era, it was a great idea that simply couldn’t be executed properly given the technology available. Now, NEC wants to bring back that design with the LifeTouch Note, and some of todays best hardware.

The NEC LifeTouch Note is packing some serious heat running Froyo with a Tegra 2 processor, a 7″ LED backlit WVGA touchscreen, and 3G/4G and WiFi only variants. Just for good measure, it also has a 2 MP rear camera, GPS, and accelerometer. There will be a 4 GB WiFi only model for 40,000 Yen (~$475), and 8 GB WiFi only or 3G/WiFI models for 45,000 Yen (~$537). NEC claims the device will be able to give you 9 hours of battery life as well.

You’ll also have a choice of colors, but unfortunately, as of now the LifeTouch is only being released in Japan, and will be out in March there. If we have any readers out in Japan, let us know how this thing looks when it launches.

[Akihabara News] via Netbook Planet