Motorola Xoom costs $799 according to Best Buy. Yes, $799!

February 6, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Motorola Tablets


I spent most of last week gushing over Android 3.0, but the first product to run the Android tablet OS – the Motorola Xoom – has a bank-breaking price that will be tough to swallow.

According to a Best Buy advertisement, the Motorola Xoom will debut in-store on February 24, costing interested buyers $799. Pardon me, that’s $799.99, which is $299.99 more than this device should cost. The ad appears in a Best Buy circular that seems to confirm previous rumors that the Xoom would be very expensive, but it’s worth noting that a previous Best Buy ad incorrectly stated the availability of the Wi-Fi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The in-store flier also shows that Verizon will charge $20-$80 for monthly 3G data plans that range from 1 GB to 10 GB. Users will be required to sign-up for at least 1-month of data services in order to turn on Wi-Fi function.

If this ad is to be believed, the Xoom might be DOA based on its high-cost. As much as people love the software and hardware, Motorola may struggle to convince users to pay as much as they would to get a decent laptop. It might also lead to people waiting for the Wi-Fi only version, which should be cheaper without the built-in costs of activation and a 3G radio, or even look at an LG G-Slate depending on cost differences.

Let’s hope Motorola is smart enough to not price itself out of the market and this ad proves to be a mistake.