Android News At Bat 2011 arrives for baseball fans, live video on the way

February 24, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Apps


The At Bat ’11 Android app is now available. Bucking previous trends, the 2011 season will support live video streaming of MLB games on select Android devices. As previously mentioned, the privilege will be a costly one since fans must pay $14.99 for the Android app and purchase a $99.99 season-long license.

You may want to hold off on purchasing either because MLB has yet to release the list of supported devices. While iOS users get free streaming of spring training games, Android users won’t find out if their phone works until the streaming feature is enabled on Opening Day (March 31, 2011). The last thing you’d want to do is drop $115 to watch games on your Droid only to discover that it’s not supported.

MLB At Bat ’11 also supports several features for tracking the game and getting up-to-the-minute action if you’re unable to watch live broadcasts. Here are some other features supported in the new app:

  • Customize At Bat’s home screen to feature your designated favorite team
  • Favorite team icon home screen widget for one-click access to your favorite team’s At Bat 11 homepage
  • MLB icon home screen widget for in-progress scores around the league
  • Listen to available radio broadcasts of Spring Training games
  • Follow batter-by-batter action for every Spring Training game
  • Enhanced video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword
  • Breaking news, schedules and interactive rosters and players stats for every team

If you’re willing to chance it, here’s the premium app download link. Folks who are more patient and want to ensure that their phone is video-capable can settle for the Lite link for now.