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Angry Birds Super Bowl commercial will feature special game code

February 2, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Keep an eye on the television during the Super Bowl and your hand on your remote during commercial breaks to see a special ad from Angry Birds. Developer Rovio Mobile and 20th Century Fox are promoting the upcoming 3D movie and game Angry Birds Rio during Sunday’s big game, and the advertisement will feature a code to unlock a level in Angry Birds.

20th Century Fox will place a code into a single frame of a commercial set to display during Super Bowl XLV. Viewers will have to watch the spot and pause the screen when the letters appear, then use that code to access a special level in an update to Angry Birds. If you aren’t able to catch the game live or don’t want to risk the wrath of Super Bowl partygoers mad that you paused the game feed, the ad will also be uploaded to YouTube.

Or you can be lazy like me and simply wait for someone else to do the heavy lifting and post the code to the web. I’m confident someone will post a screengrab moments after the commercial first airs Sunday. (Note: There will also be a contest for a chance to attend the premiere of Angry Birds Rio in Brazil). Just rest your fingers so you can get three-stars on that level.