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Video of Honeycomb on the Nook Color

January 30, 2011 | by Michael Heller

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I have to say up front, the guys at xda are my heroes. Regardless of how much I love Android, I am constantly amazed at what the xda guys pull off, and how quickly. The timeline goes like this:

January 26th – Google releases an early SDK for Honeycomb

January 28th – xda dev deeper-blue releases photos of Honeycomb booting on a Nook Color with no hardware acceleration

January 29th – deeper-blue releases a video of Honeycomb running on the Nook Color with hardware acceleration “more or less working”

That’s right, 3 days from SDK release to a running version on a device that was released as nothing more than an e-reader. Compare that to the fact that Gingerbread has been in the wild for about 7 weeks, and Google still hasn’t released it to the Nexus One (although Cyanogen has very stable nightlies pushing out.)

Honeycomb looks really nice in the video, even in this early stage. I certainly can’t wait to see it running on an optimized Tegra 2 device.

[Android Central] via xda-developers