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Use picplz & Dropbox to automatically store mobile photos [Tips]

January 26, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Photo filter and sharing service picplz added a new feature last night that allows members to connect their picplz account with Dropbox. By integrating the two accounts through OAuth, users are able to automatically store images taken with their phone in Dropbox.

There are other options for storing photos online, but the picplz and Dropbox marriage seems especially enticing because of its simplicity and power. picplz allows users to take a photo and then apply 1 of 10 filtering effects to give your mobile photos some more life and style. Picplz can be set to then send both the original photo and filtered image to Dropbox, creating an automatic backup of any photo that you take on a mobile phone.

Picplz already cross-posts to Facebook, flickr, foursquare, Posterous, tumblr, and Twitter. Now, you can add Dropbox to the mix with a few easy steps. Here’s how to set it all up.

  1. Download both picplz and Dropbox (account registration according to each)
  2. Log-in to picplz and go to the Settings > Connections page
  3. Enter your Dropbox account information
  4. Tap the Camera icon and take a new photo
  5. Tap the top-right corner and check “Put in Dropbox” (one time-use sets it to automatically add)
  6. Press “Post” and the images will be stored in Dropbox > picplz > USERNAME