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TeleNav brings big updates to Android navigation app

January 14, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



For the people who prefer Telenav to Google Maps for their turn-by-turn directions, a new update is premiering today. TeleNav, which powers AT&T and Sprint Navigator, is available today only for AT&T customers. Other networks and devices will see the update “in the future,” according to a member of TeleNav.

TeleNav 6.2 is “faster and more reliable” than previous versions, as well as more feature-rich. It now supports Speech Recognition to perform voice searches for finding an address, points of interest, or gauge traffic report. Saying “How’s traffic?” or “How’s the weather” will provide updates on either. Other new features include:

Multiple Route Suggestions – There’s always more than one way to get somewhere, so MRS provides three options to take and let’s the user decide which is best suited to them.

Commute Alert - This feature has been improved to receive automatic updates to show traffic conditions on your way to or from work.

Quick Search - Users can perform search on address, landmark, or category, and speed things up with predictive text.

Map redesigns – Moving through a map will be faster thanks to a redesign of the app and the ability to layer traffic, traffic cams, and more.