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Tablets are for Honeycomb, not your phone

January 21, 2011 | by Andrew Kameka



Android 3.0 is designed for tablets, not phones. Google made that abundantly clear when promotional images and videos of the Honeycomb version of the operating system debuted at CES, but that hasn’t stopped people from wondering if it will ever appear on handsets.

Not likely based on current conditions according to Dave Burke, Director of Engineering of Android. In response to a question posed by TechRadar, Burke said, “Right now, it’s a tablet operating system.”

That’s not to say that it will never happen, but there’s no clear-cut path for Honeycomb to appear on mobile phones. The Android UI was completely redesigned with tablets in mind, so putting the phone on smaller screens would likely take some re-engineering.

As it stands now, Android has forked into 3.0 being for tablets and 2.3 being the latest version of the operating system for phones. Google plans in the future to have the two numbers cross paths again, but that doesn’t seem to be a top priority at the moment. Google is more focused on improving the UI so companies will be discouraged to do it themselves.

“We don’t think one size fits all with Android, but sometimes changes [people make to the UI] miss the point – then again, sometimes it amazes us.”